Saugeen Shores, Ontario Canada
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Destruction of Fingerprints

Application can be made for the destruction of fingerprints, photographs, and records of disposition in relation to an arrest by this Police Service which did not result in conviction. There is a five-month waiting period from the date of the last court appearance before an application will be accepted. This is to ensure that all pertinent documents are accessible for recall. The following conditions must also apply before the request is granted:

  1. It should be noted that this process only allows for the destruction of fingerprints, photographs and records of disposition held by this Police Service. Any associated Saugeen Shores Police Service reports maintained on RMS or databases are subject to retention in accordance with this Police Service’s Procedure on Management of Police Records;
  2. Destruction of fingerprints, photographs and records of disposition does not guarantee the applicant access to the United States – this is solely at the discretion of U.S. authorities.

    Information on travel waivers and cross border travel, is available by logging onto the Department of Homeland Security at or by contacting the Consulate General of the United States of America located at 360 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1S4, or contact the R.C.M.P. at;
  3. Reasons for Refusal provides specific reasons why this Police Service may not accede to a request for destruction of fingerprints, photographs, and records of disposition.

NOTE – The present Procedure came into effect October 1st  2021. If a requester has been denied a fingerprint destruction under a previous Procedure or Process but meets the current eligibility requirements, they could reapply.

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