Saugeen Shores, Ontario Canada
For EMERGENCIES call 9-1-1   Police Station: 519-832-9200

Community Watch

A patrolling volunteer, civilian organization working in· co-operation with Saugeen Shores Police Services to reduce acts of vandalism and crime and to help keep our community a safer place in which to live.

To act as a community based volunteer citizens organization in co-operation with Saugeen Shores Police Services to reduce crime and acts of vandalism within the municipality of Saugeen Shores.

To conduct random patrols throughout the municipality of public property with specific focus on areas and locations which Saugeen Shores Police Services has identified as being highly incident prone.

While on patrol "observe, record and report" incidents of suspicious activity to Saugeen Shores Police Services. To assist Saugeen Shores Police Services as required on a call-out basis for such activities as locating missing children and special events patrol.

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What is required to become a Community Watch Volunteer?

  • You must be 19 years of age or older and be either a full time or summer resident of Saugeen Shores.
  • You will be required to submit to a criminal records history background check.
  • You will have to complete the training program provided by Saugeen Shores Police Services.
  • You must agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by Saugeen Shores Police Services.

How You Can Help!

The Community Watch program needs people who believe it is important to keep Saugeen Shores as a safe and secure community and are prepared to volunteer some of their time (at least 6 hours a month) as a patroller.
As a volunteer you do not take enforcement action of any sort - you simply "observe, record and report" any suspicious activity to the Police while you are on a patrol. When you are on patrol, you have a communication link and backup support from on-duty members of Saugeen Shores Police Services.

We invite you to become a Community Watch volunteer patroller and become an active participant in supplementing the work of Saugeen Shores Police Services to maintain the highest possible standard of community safety and security.


What is Community Watch?

In late 2002, Saugeen Shores Police Services with the blessing of municipal council and supported by a number of community groups began to develop plans to establish a Community Watch program in Saugeen Shores - a program that would provide extra "eyes and ears" to assist our local police service in the deterrence of unlawful activity within our community.

It is a concept that originated in Western Canada when ordinary citizens formed organizations to supplement police patrols to help reduce acts of vandalism and crime by keeping a neighbourhood watch over their communities. The concept has been extended throughout North America operating with a variety of descriptors -
Citizens On Patrol, Citizen Observer Patrols, Volunteers In Policing, Community Action Patrols and Volunteers On Patrol.

Regardless of the descriptor used in different communities, all programs have a very similar mandate - civilian members on patrol watch for any unusual or criminal activity and report such incidents of suspicious activity to their local police services by cellular phone or radio for any necessary police follow-up.

Community Watch members have neither the authority or the mandate to intervene when suspicious activity is noted nor to take any action that might jeopardize their own safety or that of the public. A patrol consists of two citizens in one vehicle, one as the driver, the other as an observer and generally lasts four or five hours. Patrols are launched throughout our community on active evenings, an active evening usually occurring on a weekend or when deemed to be effective by Saugeen Shores Police Services.