Saugeen Shores, Ontario Canada
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May 4, 2022

Operation Spring Cleaning

On Friday, May 6th the Saugeen Shores Police Service is launching an education and enforcement initiative targeting vehicle equipment, permits and licencing.

The Ontario Government has recently eliminated plate renewal fees. Vehicle owners still must renew their plate every one or two years, at no cost, to confirm valid insurance and pay any outstanding tolls or municipal fines. 

Officers will also be looking for loud or improper mufflers, improper mudguards, plates improperly displayed, windshield coatings and unsafe vehicles - etc.

Please see below a few examples of Highway Traffic Act charges with total payable fines:

  • Improper Muffler – HTA 75(1) $110
  • Improper Mudguards – HTA 66(3) $110
  • Unnecessary Noise – HTA 75(4) $110
  • Unreasonable Smoke – HTA 75(4) $110
  • Unsafe Motor vehicle – HTA 84(1) NO SET FINE
  • Window coated – view obstructed – HTA 73(2) $110
  • No permit – HTA 7(1)(a) $110
  • Plate Improperly displayed – HTA 7(1)(b)(i) $110

Follow our social media accounts for tips, rules and regulations during this campaign.

This initiative lasts until Thursday, May 19th.

Media relations officer,

Sergeant Andy Evans

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