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Crime Plot Mapping Tool

December 7, 2017

The Saugeen Shores Police Service has launched a crime mapping tool to allow citizens to locate where criminal activity and police calls for service in the community have taken place.

The mapping tool is publicly available at

This website ( is owned and managed by the Midland Police Service. Developed by S/Constable Bill Gordon, the service's IT Manager, the concept is to allow residents to visualize criminal activity and police calls for service in and around the community.

The site is designed to be mobile-device friendly as well as your desktop computers.

The mapping data is an extract from the police service database and only contains incidents that meet public disclosure eligibility. Detailed locations for any specific incident will not be identified, and the co-ordinates have a margin of error induced to help make the specific locations more anonymous.

Incident classifications that could lead to the identity of a victim have not been included on this map. You won't find incidents for sudden, suicides, suicide attempts, mental health issues, domestic violence, child abuse etc.

In addition, also not published will be frauds, court process, bail violations, and other generic incident types that would be meaningless to visualize unless people were made aware of the details of that specific incident. These catch-all types of incidents are classified as "Police Assistance".

Since only a subset of all the data is shown, you cannot expect that the number of mapped incidents that are visible is a true reflection of how many incidents are actually on file for the day(s) or time range you selected.

The link to this tool  can also be found on our links page.

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