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School Traffic Safety Initiative

April 1, 2019

Media Release – “Spring Into Road Safety”

Living in our climate, drivers are constantly adjusting their road habits to suit the conditions.  During colder and icier months, we tell people to be allow more time to stop, prepare a survival kit and put on snow tires.

Sometimes forgotten is the necessary adjustment drivers must make during the warmer months.  Of concern is driver awareness of the increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

For several years the Saugeen Shores Police have patrolled school zones at the beginning and end of school of each school day.  In 2018 alone, our officers completed 257 directed patrols to monitor the flow of traffic in school zones.

To enhance our school zone traffic monitoring, members of the Saugeen Shores Police will be assigned to areas of concern to enforce the Highway Traffic Act.  This will assist in the safe movement of students walking to school, other pedestrians and motorists.

Areas of concern are moving violations such as stop signs, disobeying crossing guards and School Bus controls, and distracted driving.

This targeted initiative will begin on Wednesday April 3rd until April 24th .

Results of the this traffic initiative will be disclosed at its completion.


Media Relations Officer

Sergeant Andy Evans

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