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Press Release 17 September 2009

Charities, Income Tax Schemes,

Our police service has received several calls regarding charitable donations and tax receipts. The pitch goes something like this and I am not quoting an exact scenario I have heard of.

If you give $1000. donation to this particular registered charity we will buy wholesale medical products to ship to another country where the actual value is $10,000. and we will issue tax a deductable receipt for $10,000.

You could change the medical products to educational supplies, books, art or any other commodity because they have tried them all.

I have said in many press releases if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Yes the charity you donated to probably have or had a charitable status, and yes the receipt they gave you is a charitable receipt. But, will it pass an audit by Canada Revenue Agency? The answer is no. Will you pay back the refunds you received? Probably yes, will you receive back the donation you gave? Probably not. Does Canada Revenue Agency charge interest by the day? Yes. No one to date has won this legal battle with Canada Revenue Agency.

According to a Canada Revenue Agency investigator most all of these charities have been identified and had their charity status revoked. They are in the process of reviewing all tax shelter related donation arrangements and plan to audit every participating charity, promoter, and investor.

If you would like to read more about this matter go to and 

Legitimate charities need your support and provide you with a receipt for your donation, donít shy away from these charities because of this scheme. 

Those involved in schemes such as these should review the CRA website very carefully.

If it seems too good to be true it probably is. If I give you a $10. bill would you give me a $100. bill back and call it even?

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police

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