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09 September 2009

Over this summer many suspected counterfeit bills were turned over to police. Most of these bills were simply an older printing that was still in circulation, not counterfeit.

Sergeant Dave Butcher of the Saugeen Shores Police Service has arranged a public meeting for Wednesday 16 September 2009 at 7:00 pm at the Plex in regards to counterfeit recognition.

A representative from the RCMP and from the Bank of Canada will give a presentation on how you can recognize a fake bill. There is a large selection of handouts for people to take as well. This meeting is open to everyone not just businesses in the area. For business owners it would pay to have someone attend. Once a fake bill has been passed to you your business is out that money once you turn it over to be sent to the RCMP. If you pass it on thinking it is fake you are committing the same offence as was committed on you.

Most counterfeit money is clearly recognizable as counterfeit. Older $5. bills printed do not have the same security features as bills printed recently but it does not make the older bill a fake.

Usually the counterfeit bills have some errors in them that are obvious, such as

1). The counterfeit bill is larger or smaller than a genuine bill

2). If you hold a bill up to the light to look through it, if it is a $5. bill there is part of a number 5 on the front and part of the number 5 on the back, when you hold them to the light the number 5 lines up, this is the hardest printing task for a counterfeiter to do is line up both front and back sides of the bill.

3). On the front of the bill on the left side is some printing, on the $5. bill it is The West Block of Parliament and progressively smaller printing in each line of the narrative. With a magnifying glass you should be able to read the bottom line clearly. Poor replicas or poor quality printers cannot give clear printing and the letters all bleed into each other.

There are many other ways to determine a fake right down to the feel of the paper.

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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