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Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

31 August 2009

Over this past week police gave out speeding tickets on High St, Bricker St, County Road #33, Goderich St, Market St and Concession #4.

24 August 2009, Saugeen Shores Police conducted RIDE on Goderich St in Port Elgin; several Highway traffic act seatbelt warnings were issued.

25 August 2009, it was reported to police that a 24 foot black 2007 Pace trailer licence F5612F was stolen from a yard on Wellington St in Port Elgin. The trailer was noticed missing 19 August; it has no lettering on the trailer. If any one has information regarding this theft they are encouraged to contact police or Crimestoppers. 1800 222 TIPS

25 August 2009, at 10:04 pm police responded to Thompson Lane in Southampton to a report of a 43 year old Southampton male being struck in the face with a pellet. The man had gone out to the front of his home to investigate what sounded like a pellet gun and glass breaking and was struck in the chin. The man attended to the hospital and was transferred to London Health Sciences Centre where the pellet was removed from his neck area. Police are investigating.

26 August 2009, at 1:24 am police arrested and charged a 24 year old Port Elgin male with Impaired Driving.

26 August 2009, at 11:49 pm a 49 year old Port Elgin man had his drivers licence suspended for 72 hours after registering a warn on the roadside alcotest.

26 August 2009, police received a call from Saugeen Golf Course regarding 6 bear sightings over the summer so far. The Bear hotline was contacted.

28 August 2009, at 5:45 am an 18 year old Port Elgin female was found passed out at the car wash on Goderich St. She was charged with public intoxication and spent some time in jail sobering up.

30 August 2009, at 2:49 am two Port Elgin males 20 and 23 years old were arrested for arrested for public intoxication.

This summer police have received and responded to numerous swimmers and boaters in distress. Sometimes the calls were legitimate and sometimes a person on shore perceived a person to be in trouble when they were not. All of our occurrences turned out positive. Protect yourself, if your out on the water in a boat or canoe or kayak, wear your lifejacket, donít go out when it is rough or a heavy off shore wind, if your going to swim a fair distance out into the lake have a spotter in a boat who can help if you get into problems, at least let someone know your plans.

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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