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Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

14 August 2009

On the 13th and 14th of August Saugeen Shores Police officers partnered with Ontario Provincial Police Constable Drew Wilder and policed the waterways from Southampton to Macgregor park. Some 40 to 50 boats were stopped over the two days and checked for safety equipment and permits. Numerous warnings were given and two charges were laid, one for not having a Safe Boaters Card ($305.) and another for not producing a fishing licence ($130.)

OPP Constable Drew Wilder, Saugeen Shores Police officer Andy Stewart and Agro, and Shoreline Beacon reporter Jesse Grass along with Chief Dan Rivett patrolled on Thursday.

On Friday Drew Wilder, Saugeen Shores Police officer Rose Myers, 98 the Beach manager Rob Brignell and Chief Dan Rivett were out on patrol.    

Many boaters were checked out and found to have all required equipment and permits. Many boaters were missing one or more items they should have on the boat. There were either given something as minor as a whistle or sent back to shore to get what they required. Some had little equipment.

Some youngsters who were found to be wearing life jackets before the police arrived were given “T” shirts that said, “I was caught by the OPP wearing my life jacket”

One disabled power boat was towed in from just outside Southampton Harbour. Another kayaker was assisted getting back into his kayak.

On Friday while at the Port Elgin harbour a distress call came in from Saugeen Shores Police Dispatch, OPP Dispatch and Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Coast Guard, Trenton rescue that there was an overturned canoe way out in Lake Huron off of Macgregor Park. Two local long time fishermen and boaters, Paul Summers and Michael Rumig led the way for police through gaps in the shoals from the harbour to the area of the boaters to get to the boaters as quick as possible. Saugeen Shores Police attended from shore and found the boaters safely back at shore with the assistance of other boaters.

The time to know where your safety equipment is now. Before you need them and before police ask to see them. Make sure you have a bailer bucket, 15 meters of floating tow line, a flashlight (that works), life jackets for everyone (that fit), a boaters card, a whistle, fire extinguishers, ownership for the boat, a paddle, an anchor. Check the regulations for your type and size of boat and for the equipment you have on the boat.

All operators of motorized boats are required to have a Safe Boaters Card by 15 September 2009.

Many personal watercrafts “Seadoos” were checked and observed operating on all parts of the water. They were acting in a responsible manner and operating them over 30 meters from shore.

No boat operators were found to have been drinking or impaired.

This is an excellent example of how OPP and your local police service work together for the safety of our citizens. OPP Constable Drew Wilder was very professional and knowledgeable in this field and this was a great reminder to the boaters in our community. We will be out on the water again and OPP will be patrolling from Kincardine.

Many thanks go out to Grey County OPP Inspector Mark Vanlanduyt for allowing an officer of the caliber of Drew Wilder to assist our service for 2 days with a police boat. 

Be a safe boater, wear your life jacket and have fun.   

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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