Saugeen Shores Police Service

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Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

20 July 2009

Saugeen Shores gave out numerous speeding tickets on Railway St, Bricker St, Goderich St, Carlisle St, Miramichi Bay Rd and Rankin St. Slow down and enjoy your vacation, don’t shave off a minute or two off your driving time and add $200. to $300. to your stay. Once you do stop and park please don’t park in the Handicapped Zones. We are no different than the city. There are areas you cannot park and they are signed. We give out several parked in handicapped parking zones a week, it costs $300. 

13 July 2009, 2:03 police arrested an 18 year old Wardsville male and a 17 year old Port Elgin male for unlawfully being in a residence without permission, one of the males parents were house-sitting this home. A vehicle belonging to the vacationing resident was also taken. Police are still investigating.

13 July 2009, 4:32 a Cambridge woman biking on the path between Izzard and Shipley was bitten by a dog. The owner of the dog was walking the path without control of the dog. The woman was treated at hospital and released. Police are still investigating.

13 July 2009, at 6:44 pm police arrested a 50 year old Tiverton woman in the parking lot of Walmart for Care and Control Impaired operation of a motor vehicle while impaired by drug. The woman was under suspension for unpaid fines.

15 July 2009, 11:15 pm police arrested three males for spray painting “Pot Elgin” on a wooden fence in Port Elgin, the three were caught with the blue spray paint can and paint on their hands. Charged with mischief under $5000. is a 23 Port Elgin Port Elgin male, a 17 year old Saugeen Twp male, and a 17 year old Port Elgin male.

16 July 2009, a peddle boat was reported missing from a cottage rental in Southampton. The boat is yellow with “Sauble River Marina” printed on the side. Any one with information regarding this theft is asked to call police. A peddle boat should be hard to steal and hard to conceal. 

16 July 2009, 1:34 am police responded to a report of an unconscious male on Maplewood Dr in Port Elgin. Upon arrival a male was located who had obviously been the victim of an assault, ambulance attended to care for the victim who was taken to hospital and released. The responsible party was located by police close by and he also needed hospital attention. Neither male would provide information to police about the incident.

17 July 2009, 2:50 am police arrested a 42 year old Port Elgin male for being in an intoxicated state downtown Port Elgin. The male was on release conditions not to drink from a charge of Uttering Threats to Cause Death. This person was held for a bail hearing.

17 July 2009, 12:06 pm a vehicle backed into a door at the Plex in Port Elgin during the Antique Show. The vehicle left the area and no one could provide a description of the vehicle.

17 July 2009, 10:37 pm police were called to the Queens Bar and Grill to a violent aggressive male who was not allowed entry to the bar. The male had been in a fight with another male outside the bar. A 25 year old Port Elgin male spent the night in the cell. Police are still investigating.

17 July 2009, 10:56 pm police still at the Queens from the previous occurrence were provided a drivers licence by bar staff from an 18 year old London male who had altered the date of birth to gain entry. The male was charged under the Liquor Licence Act.

19 July 2009, 12:45 am police attended to a report of an assault at the Queens Bar and Grill. Two undercover inspectors from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario witnessed the event. Police are investigating.

20 July 2009, at 3:01 am police on routine patrol observed a blue mini van driving aggressively on the Port Elgin Beach. The vehicle turned out to be stolen from Chesley. A 14 year old male and a 17 year old male both from Chesley were arrested. The 14 year old was also wanted as missing from Pine Hill a youth detention centre.

20 July 2009, 9:31 am a construction company struck a natural gas line in Southampton. Several residents were evacuated from their homes as a safety precaution. The line was repaired and residents returned.

Now that we have some warmer weather people are sleeping with their windows open. We have received many, many noise complaints over the past few days. We all want to enjoy ourselves but we need to step back once in a while and show some respect for our neighbours.               

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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