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Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

10 June 2009

Press Release Ė Theft Ė Update to Theft from Tim Hortonís in Southampton 5 June 2009.

This is an update to the earlier press releases about a theft of Camp Day donations from Tim Hortonís in Southampton. 

Video of the incident provided further details and the subsequent reporting by our local media prompted the responsible parties to attend to the police office and admit to the theft.

The Camp Day donation box from Tim Hortonís has been returned with the cash to the Saugeen Shores Police office. Police continue to investigate.

This is a prime example of how police and local media can work together for the protection of the public. Our local media, print, internet and radio work in a highly professional manner. This professional reporting is done with journalistic integrity which in turn prompts even more information to be released to the media.

The public in turn can get a true picture of what is occurring and trust what they hear and read. Police have a high level of trust with your local media outlets because of this. I applaud your efforts and trust your reporting.     

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police



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