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Press Release

Driving incident results in dangerous driving and assault charges

During the past week, Saugeen Shores Police investigated four traffic incidents that resulted in two seven day licence suspensions for stunt driving, two charges for careless driving, one charge for dangerous driving and two drivers being charged with assaulting each other.

On Friday May 1st, two drivers traveling on Goderich Street became enraged with each other and ended up fighting at the front door of the police station.  The incident started with one driver changing lanes in front of another vehicle.  The other driver, upset at this maneuver, started following and tailgating the first vehicle.  The incident continued, even after a stop at a drive-thru location.  The second vehicle pulled in front and while speeding, swerved back and forth across the lanes, impeding the first vehicle.  The vehicles were driven to the police station and both drivers became involved in a fight outside the police office.  Both males were arrested by police.  The driver of the first vehicle was charged with assault and the other driver was charged with dangerous driving and assault.

On April 29th, police received a complaint from a motorist about a possible impaired driver.  The complainant was following an erratic driver, northbound on Highway 21 between Tiverton and Port Elgin.  The vehicle was observed wandering on the road and at one point, forced an oncoming vehicle to drive onto the shoulder to avoid a collision.  Saugeen Shores Police stopped the vehicle in Port Elgin.  The driver admitted that she had been talking on her cell phone and sending text messages. Careless driving charges are being laid.


Radar Enforcement results in two seven day vehicle impoundments

On April 29th, a Saugeen Shores police officer conducting radar speed enforcement clocked a vehicle on Highway 21 at 158 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone.  A Saugeen Shores man has been charged under the Highway Traffic Act and his vehicle impounded for seven days.

On May 2nd, while police were patrolling on Bruce Road 3, a northbound SUV vehicle was clocked on radar at 134 km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone. The officer activated the emergency lights and motioned for the driver to pull over.  After turning around, the officer located the SUV in the ditch at an intersection.  It is believed that the driver was attempting to evade the police by turning onto a side road but ended up in the ditch.  The driver has been charged with careless driving and stunt driving under the Highway Traffic Act.  His vehicle was impounded for seven days.


Lost Property

On April 27th a fisherman reported the loss of a valuable rod and reel.  The items were left at the top of the river bank on Cemetery Road.  The owner left the area and when he returned the rod and reel were missing.  The missing items are described as a 13 foot CND rod and a Hardy fly reel.

Inspector Ken McCulloch

Saugeen Shores Police Service

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