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Press Release – February 9, 2009


Stolen Vehicle Involved in Accident

On Wednesday February 4th at approximately 2:30pm, Saugeen Shores Police received a report that a 1993 Audi, white in colour, had been stolen from a motel on Huron Street in Southampton.  Shortly after the initial report, police learned that the stolen vehicle had been involved in a motor vehicle collision in the Owen Sound area.  The stolen Audi struck another vehicle and then the male driver exited and told the other involved persons that he would call the police.  He then got in another vehicle and left the area. The Audi was heavily damaged in the accident. The incidents are being investigated by Saugeen Shores police and the Ontario Provincial Police.


Student struck by vehicle at Gustavus Street cross walk.

On Wednesday February 4th shortly before 9am, police received a report of a person being struck by a vehicle in the cross walk on Gustavus Street, at the entrance to Saugeen District Secondary School.  A witness observed a 17 year old male student, wearing headphones; proceed to cross the street towards the school.  The cross walk lights were not activated at the time.  A vehicle traveling on Gustavus Street was unable to stop and slid into the pedestrian. The driver had honked the horn in an attempt to alert the pedestrian.  The driver checked on the student and made sure that he was not injured.  The student continued on to school.  A witness reported the incident to police.  Police attended at the school and were able to learn the identity of the student.  He was found to have some bumps and scrapes but would not attend the hospital.  The driver of the vehicle later contacted the police as he was concerned about the accident.  No charges were laid.  

This incident is an example of the dangers posed by the use of portable music devices and headphones.  It is important, if using these devices that the music is only played at a level that still allows for awareness of the surrounding traffic activity.


Vehicle struck by paint ball.

During the evening of Monday February 2nd, a motor vehicle was struck by a paint ball in the area of Gustavus and Bricker Streets.  The paint ball was fired from a truck.  The victim driver then followed the truck all the way to Paisley at which time the truck apparently ran out of gas.  The victim confronted the two occupants of the truck and was able to obtain descriptions and the licence plate of the vehicle.  The incident was reported to police.  An 18 year old Saugeen Shores resident has been charged with Mischief.  The investigation is continuing to determine the involvement of the other occupant of the vehicle.


Submitted by,

Inspector Ken McCulloch

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