Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

16 January 2009

Titan Update

Titan is healing well and is on the mend. Dr Jeff Berry had to do some skin grafting to the elbow area and it appears to be healing well. The skin has to callous some more but everything looks good.

At a regular meeting of the Saugeen Shores Police Service Board Police Service Board last night we discussed Titan. A unanimous decision was made that Titan can retire to Dr Jeff Berry and his family. K-9 dogs have very particular needs and no-one other than a police K-9 handler can provide. No-one other than some one like Dr Jeff Berry.

We all recognize it is very hard for Andy, Sharon and their girls as Titan has become a family member, but they certainly can keep in touch with Titan living in Southampton.

Andy Stewart advises that the new K-9 officer is an exceptional dog and is training well. We will provide you with updates as we can.    

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police

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