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01 December 2008

26 November 2008, sometime through the daytime period a 1993 Red Volkswagen was stolen from the street on Shantz St in Port Elgin. The vehicle was un-plated; the alternator was broken and would not start. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

27 November 2008, 4 trailers were damaged at the Port Elgin trailer park. Two of the trailers were entered. The only theft appears to be of some liquor. It is believed the trailers were entered between 21 Ė 27 November. No suspects.

Depositing snow on the highway is an offence under section 181 of the Highway Traffic Act and subject to a fine of $110. This time of year we see people clean out their driveway by shoveling it onto the road. This is dangerous, it is against the law and could not only open you up to a fine, but to a civil lawsuit as well. Police will respond to complaints of this nature, the person may be warned once but a second visit will warrant a ticket. We all put some on the road while shoveling or blowing the snow out of the road, it happens. Charges will only be laid on those individuals that shovel snow directly onto the road, we all know the difference. Donít be the cause of an accident; donít deposit snow onto the road. 

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police

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