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Weekly Statistics   - 22 June 2015 to 28 June 2015

Total weekly incidents: 167


Incident Type


 Incident Type


911 call/911 hang-up


Neighbour dispute




Noise complaints


Ambulance assist


Non-police matter-low priority

Animal complaints


Non Traffic Accident


Other Criminal Code


Assist Probation

Other Provincial Statutes


Attempt or threat of suicide

Person Check/  OSOR

Bail violations

Phone calls


Bar checks


Police assistance


Break and Enter

Police information


Breach of probation

Police Info Crime Stopper Tip

Bylaw Officer Incidents

Possession of Stolen Property

Community services


Prevent breach of the peace

Compliance checks

Property check


Conditional Sentence Order

Property damage

Counterfeit Money

Property related


Court order

Public morals

Crosswalk/School zone


Record Check


Dangerous conditions

R.I.D.E. checks


Disturb the peace


Domestic dispute


School patrol


Drug offences


Sexual assaults



Family disputes


Stolen Vehicle



Sudden deaths

Foot patrols


Suspicious persons



Suspicious vehicles







Impaired/over 80


Towed vehicle

Indecent Act

Traffic complaint


Insecure premises


Traffic Control

Landlord tenant disputes

Traffic enforcement - H.T.A.


Liquor License Act


Traffic enforcement - other


Traffic hazard


Mental Health Act

Trespass to Property Act



Trouble with youth

Missing persons

Unwanted persons


Motor vehicle abandoned



Motor Vehicles collisions



Municipal bylaw


Press Release – 22 June 2015 to 28 June 2015

22 June 2015

10:12 am police were dispatched to a mischief complaint on Saugeen Beach Road. Sometime overnight someone spray-painted a vehicle with red paint. No suspects.

10:24 am a bear was reported in the Shipley Ave area.

1:00 pm police received a report of a cement statue of a dog being stolen from a home on Clarendon.

8:01 pm police received a report of a parked vehicle being struck at Camp Kenorus. No description of the suspect vehicle.

9:24 pm police and fire attended to a residence on Wellington that had been struck by lightning. No injuries.

23 June 2015,

5:38 pm police received a report of a motor vehicle collision that had happened the week before. There is now a dispute on the amount of money being required to fix the damage. When in doubt call the police the moment the collision occurs and involve your insurance company. There is little police can do a week after an incident but take a report for information purposes.

24 June 2015,

1:25 pm, police responded to the intersection of Huron and Island St where someone had taken the stop sign. A few times a year we respond to issues like this and I have recently heard on the radio of another incident in another municipality where someone had taken a stop sign. This is such a dangerous practice and all you have to do is think for the slightest moment the pain and suffering you could cause when someone drives through this intersection and gets involved in a collision. As with most things, THINK. Practical jokes are one thing but pranks that can physically hurt another are dangerous.

3:11 pm police arrested a 15 year old Saugeen Shores male on the strength of a probation warrant.

11:13 pm police conducted RIDE in Saugeen Township, no violations.

25 June 2015,

9:38 am police received a complaint of a car striking a deer on Bruce Rd #3 the previous evening. The vehicle received major damage and the deer was dead.

3:39 pm police and ambulance responded to a two vehicle collision at County Rd 17 and County Rd #3. A vehicle was travelling east on County #17 stopped at the stop sign and proceeded to cross County #3 striking a vehicle that was north on County #3. The driver of the struck vehicle was taken to hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the responsible vehicle was charged with Failing to Yield.

4:18 pm a 69 year old Arran Township man turned himself into the Saugeen Shores Police on a criminal harassment matter he was facing with Norfolk OPP. OPP attended and picked him up.

26 June 2015,

11:55 am police responded to a shoplifting complaint at Beachin in Port Elgin. A female left the store with two sun dresses she did not pay for. Police have the suspect on video and are investigating.

1:22 pm, police received a complaint of a vehicle being struck in the Walmart parking lot. Police are investigating.

2:03 pm, police responded to a motor vehicle collision in the CIBC parking lot in Port Elgin. No injuries, one vehicle struck a parked vehicle.

 2:05 pm police responded to a three vehicle motor vehicle collision on Goderich St near Catherine St. All three vehicles were north on Goderich St when the first vehicle stopped for a vehicle turning. The third vehicle in line did not stop in time and struck the vehicle ahead then that vehicle was pushed into the first vehicle. The driver of the vehicle that caused the collision was charged with following too closely.

11:04 pm police conducted RIDE in Southampton, no infractions.

11:21 pm police conducted RIDE in Port Elgin, no infractions.

27 June 2015,

1:17 am police responded to a car deer collision on Carlisle St, the deer had to be put down by police.

2:34 am police received a complaint of a person sleeping on a River St front lawn. The 38 year old male was wakened and found to be intoxicated and was arrested for public intoxication. He spent the night in the cell.

10:07 am police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Grosvenor and Lansdowne St. A vehicle was west on Lansdowne St stopped at the stop sign at Grosvenor St and continued striking a vehicle that was south on Grosvenor. The driver of the responsible vehicle was charged with Failing to Yield.

3:32 pm police conducted RIDE on Port Elgin, no violations.

4:38 pm police received a report of a motor vehicle collision that happened at Goderich and Ivings Drive. The operator of one of the vehicles reported to police after the fact, police are investigating.

8:14 pm police conducted RIDE in Southampton. One vehicle appeared to try to go around the RIDE check and was stopped and found with open liquor and was charged accordingly.

11:46 pm police stopped a vehicle for speeding and swerving in its lane. He was arrested at the scene for Impaired Driving and brought to the station for a breath test. The male provided breath tests of 220 mgms and 220 mgms both times. A 50 year old Wiarton male was charged with Impaired Driving, he was issued a 90 day ADLS drivers licence suspension, his vehicle was impounded for 45 days. He was further charged with driving while disqualified.

28 June 2015

4:02 am police received a report of some flower boxes being moved and damaged at Goderich and Emma St. The boxes were located by police in the intersection, broken and the contents spread about. A male with dirt on his face was located in the immediate area, the male had been drinking. The male was arrested for Mischief and further charged with some liquor offences.

3:21 pm police received a report of a bicycle that was stolen during the Victoria Day long weekend. The bike was left unlocked near the Southampton Bridge when he went fishing but it was gone when he came back up.

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Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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