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Weekly Statistics   - 8 June 2015 to 14 June 2015

Total weekly incidents: 146


Incident Type


 Incident Type


911 call/911 hang-up

Neighbour dispute



Noise complaints


Ambulance assist


Non-police matter-low priority


Animal complaints


Non Traffic Accident



Other Criminal Code


Assist Probation

Other Provincial Statutes

Attempt or threat of suicide

Person Check/  OSOR


Bail violations

Phone calls

Bar checks

Police assistance


Break and Enter

Police information


Breach of probation


Police Info Crime Stopper Tip

Bylaw Officer Incidents


Possession of Stolen Property

Community services


Prevent breach of the peace


Compliance checks


Property check


Conditional Sentence Order

Property damage

Counterfeit Money

Property related


Court order

Public morals

Crosswalk/School zone


Record Check

Dangerous conditions

R.I.D.E. checks

Disturb the peace



Domestic dispute

School patrol


Drug offences


Sexual assaults



Family disputes

Stolen Vehicle


Sudden deaths

Foot patrols


Suspicious persons


Suspicious vehicles









Impaired/over 80


Towed vehicle

Indecent Act

Traffic complaint


Insecure premises


Traffic Control

Landlord tenant disputes

Traffic enforcement - H.T.A.


Liquor License Act

Traffic enforcement - other


Traffic hazard


Mental Health Act

Trespass to Property Act




Trouble with youth

Missing persons

Unwanted persons


Motor vehicle abandoned



Motor Vehicles collisions



Municipal bylaw


Press Release Ė 8 June 2015 to 14 June 2015

8 June 2015,

8:45 pm police received a report of some traffic pylons being stolen from the Bricker St area.

9 June 2015,

5:22 am police observed a person walking on River St who appeared to be intoxicated. After investigation the male was arrested for being in possession of 9.64 grams of marihuana and also charged with Failing to Comply with a probation order.

8:44 am officers received several reports of a bear wandering from the Shipley St area north through Port Elgin. People are reminded bears are wild animals and they will continue to return where they can get food. You can call the MNR Bear Hotline and they will tell you to clean your BBQ, donít leave dog food or garbage outside. MNR has downloaded this responsibility to local police in the name of public safety. At a time when police are looking to get back to their core functions to try to keep the cost of policing down, MNR gets out of the wildlife management duties and informs people to call 911.

1:25 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision on Clarendon St. A vehicle struck a parked car in the lot. No injuries.

2:08 pm, police responded to a complaint of marihuana plants growing on his property. Police attended and pulled the 12 marihuana plants.

11 June 2015,

9:15 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Goderich and Gustavus St. Two vehicles were south on Goderich St and the first one slowed and was struck by the following vehicle. The driver of the responsible vehicle was charged with Following too Close.

9:31 am police responded to a Goderich St business where sometime overnight three vehicles had been marked up with graffiti from a marker. The vehicle did not receive permanent damage. This same offence occurred at another residence on Bricker St.

9:47 am police responded to a mischief complaint on County Rd #3. Someone sliced the convertible roof of a Mercedes, no suspects.

2:26 pm police on routine patrol stopped a motorcycle as the driver was thought to be suspended. The driver had a driverís licence but had a warrant for his arrest for Driving Under Suspension from the OPP. He was turned over to the OPP.

3:09 pm police responded to a fail to remain collision on Goderich St. A pickup truck backed into a parked vehicle and left the scene. No description or plate of the truck was provided.           

5:54 pm police received a report of a motor vehicle collision that had occurred on Goderich St near the Port Elgin Cinemas. A vehicle did not yield exiting the lot and the collision occurred. The driver of the responsible vehicle was charged with Failing to Yield.

12 June 2015,

10:36 police received a report of a vehicle striking a hydro pole at a corner on Elgin St. The driver returned home and called police as a witness was calling police to report a fail to remain collision. The driver was charged with Turn not in Safety.

4:20 pm police spoke to two youth near Market and Elgin St. The youth admitted to being in possession of marihuana. The drugs were seized and the youth warned and parents were notified.

9:33 pm police were dispatched to check on the well-being of a female that appeared to be unconscious in a vehicle parked in a driveway. The driver was wakened and had her provide a roadside breath test that she failed. The female was arrested for Care and Control of a Motor Vehicle while Impaired and taken to the station for breath tests. The breath tests provided were 119 mgms and 113 mgms, the legal limit is 80 mgms. A 67 year old female from Saugeen Shores was charged with Care and Control of a Motor Vehicle while over 80 mgms, her vehicle was impounded for 7 days and her licence was suspended for the 90 day ADLS suspension.

13 June 2015,

8:03 am police received a report of a fail to remain motor vehicle collision in a parking lot. A vehicle had struck a parked vehicle and left. A description of the vehicle was given to police and they are investigating.

4:36 pm police responded to a complaint from Canadian Tire that two males had purchased kayaks and loaded up more expensive kayaks than they had purchased and left. When one of the parties was contacted he exchanged the kayak but the other wished to argue the point until police became involved. Both now have the kayaks they paid for.

10:56 pm police observed a vehicle being operated erratically and it was stopped. The driver was arrested for impaired driving and brought to the police office for a breath test. The male provided breath samples of 207 mgms and 211 mgms, the legal limit is 80 mgms. A 33 year old Saugeen Shores man is charged with Driving while his Ability was Impaired and Drive over 80 mgms. His vehicle was impounded for 7 days and his driverís licence suspended for 90 days under the ADLS suspension.    

14 June 2015,

11:26 am police received a report of a motor vehicle collision that had occurred the previous day. Three people were sitting in a parked car at the Salvation Army Store when another vehicle backed into them and took off. A photo was taken of the responsible vehicle including the licence plate. Police are investigating.          

Have you ever thought of volunteering in the community? Why not consider Community Watch. If you would like to volunteer and be a part of this community group please pick up a brochure at the police office.

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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