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Saugeen Shores Police Service Press Release


Weekly Statistics   - 23 June 2014 to 29 June May 2014

Total weekly incidents: 173


Incident Type


 Incident Type


911 call/911 hang-up


Municipal bylaw




Neighbour dispute

Ambulance assist


Noise complaints


Animal complaints


Non-police matter-low priority



Non Traffic Accident

Assist Probation


Other Criminal Code


Attempt or threat of suicide


Other Provincial Statutes

Bail violations

Person Check in OSOR

Bar checks


Phone calls


Break and Enter


Police assistance


Breach of probation

Police information


Bylaw Officer Incidents

Police Info Crime Stopper Tip

Community services


Possession of Stolen Property

Compliance checks


Prevent breach of the peace


Conditional Sentence Order

Property check

Counterfeit Money

Property damage


Court order

Property related


Crosswalk/School zone


Public morals

Dangerous conditions


R.I.D.E. checks


Disturb the peace



Domestic dispute

School patrol


Drug offences


Sexual assaults




Family disputes


Stolen Vehicle


Sudden deaths

Foot patrols


Suspicious persons




Suspicious vehicles







Impaired/over 80


Towed vehicle

Insecure premises

Traffic complaint


Landlord tenant disputes

Traffic Control

Liquor License Act


Traffic enforcement - H.T.A.



Traffic enforcement - other

Mental Health Act

Traffic hazard




Trespass to Property Act

Missing persons


Trouble with youth


Motor vehicle collisions


Unwanted persons

Motor Vehicles abandoned




Press Release –  23 June 2014 to 29 June May 2014

23 June 14,

8:28 am police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Goderich and Gustavus Streets in Port Elgin. A vehicle was east on Gustavus going through the intersection at Goderich St on a green light. Another vehicle was south on Goderich St and did not stop for the red light at Gustavus St and collided with the first vehicle. One of the drivers was taken to hospital by ambulance with chest pains. The driver of the offending vehicle was charged with the red light offence. 

25 June 14,

2:10 am police observed a vehicle driving erratically in Port Elgin. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was asked to provide breath samples for a roadside breath test and registered a fail. The driver was taken to the police office for a breathalyzer and provided samples of 120 mgms and 120 mgms respectively. Ryan BALL 33 years of Saugeen Shores was charged with Drive Over 80 mgms, and his licence was suspended for 90 days under the ADLS. His vehicle was towed and impounded for 7 days.

12:50 pm police responded to a single motor vehicle rollover at County Rd #3 south of County Rd #17. A vehicle was travelling north on County Rd #3 and crossed the southbound lane entered the ditch and became airborne, rolled once and came to rest on its wheels. The driver was taken by ambulance to hospital for minor injuries. The vehicle had to be towed from the scene. Police are investigating.

3:05 pm police received a report of a recurrence of a scam. Some who rent out cottages or homes sometimes get a renter over the internet from some distance away. The scam starts when the person sends a cheque for the rental that is usually far greater than what is owed. The person tells the person renting the house or cottage to cash the cheque, keep some for themselves, pay for the room and mail them a cheque for the balance. The cheque will bounce and the person who is renting out the room or cottage will be out the money they sent to the scammer. I have said many time there is no free money, keep yours.

Another scam that is going around again is the Canada Revenue scam where someone has downloaded some official looking Canada Revenue Agency letterhead and advises you are entitled to a refund. They then ask for your personal information sometimes including your banking information. Again please contact the source and don’t give out your personal information to an unsolicited email.

4:35 pm police responded to a report of a cyclist struck at James and Goderich St Port Elgin. A vehicle was east on James St and stopped for the stop sign at Goderich St. The driver was going to make a right turn. Two youth on bicycles were northbound on the west sidewalk and crossed in front of the vehicle. One of the cyclists was struck by the front bumper and fell to the ground on his knee. The driver indicated the youth demanded payment for the damage to his bike and complained of a sore knee but would not provide his name. The driver advised she would call police and the youth left. If you are aware of the identity of the youth in this matter please call police so we can complete our investigation.

6:17 pm police responded to a report of a break, enter and theft at a Port Elgin residence. There were no signs of forced entry but gold chain and pendant were taken from the residence. Police are investigating.

26 June 14,

7:24 am police responded to vehicle in the Brentwood and Woodland area of Port Elgin. One vehicle had been rifled through but nothing was taken, a phone charger was found on the front lawn but not from their vehicle. Another vehicle had been gone through and a smart phone and charger was taken along with a wallet. The wallet was recovered intact by a neighbour. Please lock your vehicles; these crimes of opportunity can be prevented. No suspects at the time.

27 June 14,

6:24 am police responded to a theft from a motor vehicle at a Port Elgin residence. A wallet was taken.

8:00 am police responded to a theft from a motor vehicle in the Brentwood and Woodland area of Port Elgin. A GPS and sunglasses were stolen.

3:30 pm police received a report of a theft of a bicycle from the MacDonald’s in Port Elgin, the bicycle was not locked.

6:30 pm police responded to a report of a break, enter and theft from a house in Southampton. The owner will be supplying police with a list of what was taken. Police are still investigating.

9:22 pm police were working at the SDSS Prom at the Lakeshore Racquetball Club. Four of the attendees had alcohol seized from them and were all issued a warning.

28 June 14,

5:15 pm police responded to a vehicle entered and theft on Maplewood Dr Port Elgin. A Canadian Tire credit card was stolen.

29 June 14,

While on a Commercial Motor Vehicle Course held by West Grey Police Service, a Saugeen Shores Police Officer on training had occasion to stop a truck and trailer. During the stop through investigation the officer ended up charging the male driver with various dug offences. A total of 10.5 grams of marihuana and 1.5 grams of cocaine were seized.

5:30 am, police responded to the Holiday Golf Course Hwy 21 Saugeen Shores. Sometime overnight person(s) unknown damaged one of the greens and sprinkler heads. No suspects.

12:40 pm, sometime overnight someone broke the side mirror off of a vehicle on Morpeth St Southampton, no suspects.

Community Watch is active in our community and assists the police in locating potential trouble spots. This is a community program where members of the public act as eyes and ears for the police service and report any unusual activity. If you are interested in joining and becoming a member of Community Watch please give the Saugeen Shores Police Service a call and get more information. The time commitment is small and the benefit to your community is great.

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police             


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