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1 June 2012

19 May 12, at 7:39 pm police conducting RIDE observed an extremely intoxicated male stumbling across the highway north of the bridge in Southampton. The 53 year old Southampton male was arrested for public intoxication and lodged in the cells.

19 May 12, at 10:45 pm police arrested a 16 year old Southampton male for possession of marihuana and possession of marihuana for the purpose of trafficking. Police observed what appeared to be a drug deal in front of the laundry mat in Southampton. The person suspected of buying the drugs was seen a short time later in Southampton and the male ran off. He was located in a rear yard and apprehended. Police located 10 grams of marihuana, a digital scale and plastic baggies.

19 May 12, at 11:56 pm police re-attended to the Fish Hatchery in Port Elgin where neighbours heard another window smashed. Someone had broken the other half of the window that had been broken previously. Police ask if you see people around the building or town pond and they appear to be up to mischief please call.

20 May 12, at 4:07 am police attended to the area of Jerrys Fries in Southampton to assist ambulance with a male who had been struck over the head with a beer bottle. Police located a 19 year old Toronto man who had a large cut on his head and was bleeding badly. Two males had got into an argument ending with one throwing a beer bottle at the other smashing it on the persons head. The matter was investigated and both the victim and accused would not cooperate to provide statements. No further investigation.

20 May 12, at 8:09 am police were alerted by a citizen that two people were taking down some lettering at the Missionary Church in Port Elgin. Police arrived to see two people at the wall putting up lettering and a peace sign with masking tape on the side of the building. The 20 year old female was arrested and released from the station, no damage the tape was removed.

20 May 12, May 24 River Run, at 1:49 pm, two 20 year old males were issued tickets for having alcohol in other than a licenced premise on County Rd 40. Later at 4:44 pm a 34 year old male was charged with consuming liquor other than residence. Police conducted RIDE throughout the area of the River Run. At 9:44 pm police stopped a vehicle in RIDE and detected a strong odour of marihuana in the vehicle, there were 6 youth from Hamilton in the car. After investigation 2 males aged 19 and 29 were charged with possession of 17 grams of marihuana. At 7:58 a 30 year old Oshawa man was charged with having alcohol in other than licenced premises. At 8:20 a 35 year old Guelph man was charged with having alcohol in other than licenced premises. At 8:37 a 21 year old Sarnia man was charged with having alcohol in other than licenced premises. At 8:43 a 32 year old Tara man was charged with consuming alcohol in other than a licenced premises. At 11:27 pm police arrested a 23 year old Port Elgin man for having alcohol in other than licenced premises. The male was observed stumbling up the grassy bank from the river with an open can of Palm Bay alcoholic cooler. When challenged by police for drinking in public the male started to chug the drink. The male identified himself by one name but his friends called him another. Once in the cruiser the maleís true identity was obtained and he was charged with public intoxication and having liquor in other than licenced premises. He was then taken to Port Elgin and turned over to him mom. At 12:15 am police charged a 28 year old Port Elgin male with having alcohol in other than licenced premises.    

The River Run went off this year with no major harm to anyone. It remains the elephant in the room. Everyone says I donít know how no one has not been killed or drowned during this unorganized event. Yet, as friends and parents we allow our kids to load up whatever can float with whatever alcohol we can muster and drink all day sliding down the river. If it were a canoe ride down the river with a few beers I would have little concern. Each year we have people drinking so much and later in the evening into the dark this will spell tragedy. Each year we hear of or see circumstances that could easily turn fatal. A couple years ago someone who got intoxicated was left at the side of the river by his friends passed out. At 2 am the person woke up, staggered to a farmhouse intoxicated and hypothermic. We were lucky, he was lucky. This has gone on for many years and will continue so impress upon your kids, friends and family participate in a responsible way.   



Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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