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31 May 2012

8 May 12, at 6:00 pm police arrested a 57 year old Saugeen Reserve man for public intoxication at the Saugeen Hospital.

9 May 12, at 10:29 pm police responded to a bear complaint on Oak St in Southampton. A large bear and 2 cubs were dragging some garbage. The Bear Wise program from the MNR is now basically just a reporting number. MNR will not be trapping and relocating bears anymore. With extreme circumstances they may attend to drug and take away a bear. This is another responsibility of the Provincial Government that has been downloaded to the Municipality. If people are having trouble with bears they will call someone to protect them that would be the police by default. We do not have training or equipment to deal with bears, we don’t have traps, tranquilizer guns and doing so certainly is not a core function of policing.

11 May 12, at 2:38 am police arrested a 23 year old Port Elgin male for public intoxication. The male was staggering up Goderich St and tripped on the curb. He was transported home to his mother and issued a ticket.

13 May 12, at 3:50 am police stopped a vehicle on Waterloo St for a Highway Traffic Act offence. After noting an odour of alcohol in the vehicle the driver was required to provide a roadside breath test and registered a warn. The driver was issued a 3 day drivers licence suspension and his vehicle was towed. A total of 6 grams or marihuana was also located in the vehicle and the driver was charged with possession of marihuana.      


14 May 12, police investigated a matter where an IPOD was purchased on Kijiji. After paying $100 for the IPOD and meeting in a parking lot to make the transaction the purchaser became suspicious when they observed an engraved message indicating who the IPOD belonged to and “please don’t steal”. The rightful owner was found and the IPOD returned to them. The youth selling the IPOD has been identified and police are investigating. The message “If it seems too good to be true it usually is” is something you should ask yourself prior to buying and being in possession of stolen property.

15 May 12, at 2:35 pm police arrested a 28 year old Saugeen Reserve female on a warrant issued from Grey County OPP. The warrant was for break and enter and possession of stolen property. The female was held at the police office until turned over to the OPP.

15 May 12, at 10:57 pm police arrested a 38 year old Belmont male for public intoxication. The male was attempting to start a fight with another person and had thrown a beer bottle on a front lawn. The male was transported to the station and released to a friend a short time later.

16 May 12, at 9:39 am police arrested a 38 year old Bruce Peninsula male on the strength of a Grey County OPP warrant. The warrant was for Break and Enter and possession of stolen property. The male was turned over to the OPP.

16 May 12, police attended to a break and enter at a trailer at Holiday Park in Southampton. At one site a shed had been broken into and some beer stolen and at another site some firewood had been stolen. Two 16 – 17 year old males were scared off by person at another site. No suspects.

18 May 12, police conducted RIDE at County Rd #3 and Links Side road, no impaired charges.

19 May 12, at 12:20 am police were approached by a motorist to report and intoxicated female inside his house. A 19 year old Tiverton female walked in through the front door of a Port Elgin home, walked past the occupants and laid down on the couch and passed out. The female was unknown to the residents of the home. She was arrested for public intoxication and escorted to the station and later released to a responsible friend.

19 May 12, at 2:39 am a 20 year old Port Elgin male was arrested for public intoxication after being observed outside a downtown bar yelling screaming and carrying on. The male was arrested, escorted to the station and later turned over to his father.

19 May 12, police attended to a mischief complaint at the Port Elgin Fish hatchery. A window was broken on the north side, no entry was gained.



Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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