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29 May 2012

29 April 12, while on routine patrol the bylaw officer observed the stop sign had been removed at Ray and Ivings Drive. The sign was replaced.

4 May 12, at 2:25 am police arrested a 40 year old St Catherines male for impaired driving on Hwy 21, the driver provided breath samples of 138 and 141 mgms.

4 May 12, at 6:50 pm police arrested a 44 year old Port Elgin female for impaired driving at Ivings Drive, the driver provided breath samples of 107 and 102 mgms.    

5 May 12, at 9:26 pm police arrested a 51 year old Southampton male for public intoxication at Albert and Clarenden St.

6 May 12, at 12:10 am police arrested a 30 year old Owen Sound man for public intoxication at Goderich and Mill St.. He was very intoxicated and was picked up by a friend at the police office several hours later.    

6 May 12, at 12:54 am police arrested an 18 year old Mississauga male for public intoxication on Goderich St. The male was stumbling and fell into a parked car. He was taken to the police office where a friend picked him up some time later.

6 May 12, at 1:35 am police arrested a 46 year old Southampton male for public intoxication on High St Southampton. The male was very intoxicated and had vomited over himself. Officers attended to the maleís house and woke up his spouse to come and retrieve him from the police station.

6 May 12, at 2:29 am police arrested a 23 year old Dundas male for public intoxication, he was observed by police urinating on the wall of Hairport on Goderich St. He was very intoxicated and did not know where he was going or where he came from.

The first 5 incidents of this press release were public intoxication arrests. Police have an obligation to arrest individuals who are intoxicated to the point where they are a danger to themselves or others. Drinking to excess should not happen at a local bar in the first place, our bars have become very educated about servicing to intoxication. But, sometimes the effects are not seen until a little later or perhaps drugs are in the mix. If you drink we stress you should not drive. Walking home, taking a cab getting a ride from a friend are all options. Drinking to the point you are falling down, vomiting over yourself, donít know where you are or where you are going, laying down in the street, walking into some-one-elseís house and crashing on their couch is drinking to the point where you may pose a danger to yourself or others. At that point you are arrested for your own safety, taken to the police office, and hopefully we can find someone to come and get you. Please drink responsibly or donít drink at all.

6 May 12, police responded to Sumpton St Port Elgin to retrieve a Stop sign. The sign was found to have been removed from Falconer and Waterloo St. Each year I find I am appealing in a press release how dangerous a prank this is. If you were to cause an accident your actions would be considered criminal. After the criminal charges you would be guaranteed to face civil action in court. Please leave traffic safety signs alone.

6 May 12, at 5:38 pm police arrested a 38 year old Port Elgin male on warrants to arrest from Bathurst New Brunswick. The warrants were for a sexual offence and fail to appear. The man was transferred over to Bathurst Police after a bail detention order.

7 May 12, at 12:03 pm police investigated a theft of a Power Wheels Arctic Cat ATV, youth sized, from Dennys Dam. The ATV is dark green with camouflage stickers blue neon glow lights under the unit. If anyone has any information on the theft of this youth ATV please call police.

8 May 12, at 9:20 am police attended to a report of damage at the fish cleaning station at Chesley St in Southampton. Two metal screens had been damaged, and removed. No entry was gained into the station.


Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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