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Saugeen Shores Police Service

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1 March 2012


We will be adding a piece on Cybercrime on press releases for the next few releases. We will address topics such as

·        On Line shopping fraud

·        Lottery emails

·        Passwords

·        Identity theft

·        Phishing

·        Firewalls

With the many advances we have seen over the years computer access has become easier and easier. But, this easy access includes more than just for you, it opens the door for others as well.

Most people have wireless access for their computers to make it easier for surfing the internet from a laptop, or viewing movies on the television through a game player or the blue ray player etc. Make sure you password protect access to your wireless applications. Without this protection, others in your neighbourhood may be able to access your wireless connection and visit internet sites that are not appropriate, they could do illegal activity or build up charges to your account that you did not use. If you are not familiar with setting this up please call your internet service provider or where you bought your wireless equipment to find out how and protect yourself.    



Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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