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Press Release 12 September 2011

6 Sep 11, at 7:27 am a bear was again sighted in the Pegasus Trail area in Saugeen Twp. Again police warn that bears are wild animals; donít have anything outside that will attract bears like bird feeders, dog food, and greasy barbecues. If you spot a bear please call the Bear Hotline 1-866-514-2327

08 Sep 11, police responded to a road rage incident. Two vehicle drivers were frustrated with each others actions driving on Hwy #21 that resulted in a face to face confrontation at the stop lights in Port Elgin. Nothing resulted as a consequence of this confrontation. Drivers are reminded to take a deep breath, calm down, report to police dangerous driving displays and let them deal with it. Everyone gets ticked off with other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians from time to time, me included. It is how you deal with it in the end.

9 Sep 11, at 1:13 am police stopped a vehicle on Railway St in Southampton. The 28 year old Port Elgin driver was un-licenced, and his validation tag was expired, he was issued tickets for these infractions.

9 Sep 11, 10:01 pm police responded to assist paramedics with a man passed out behind Macs Milk in Port Elgin. A 26 year old Port Elgin man refused ambulance assistance and was arrested for public intoxication.

11 Sep 11, 1:42 pm police arrested stopped a vehicle in Saugeen Twp with three male occupants who had been drinking and had alcohol in the vehicle. A 17 year old Walkerton male was charged with an alcohol offence. An 18 year old Teeswater male was also charged with an alcohol offence. An 18 year old Walkerton male was charged with possession of cocaine and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of marihuana and possession of marihuana for the purpose of trafficking.

12 Sep 11, at 1:48 am a vehicle was stopped in Port Elgin that was being operated in a suspicious erratic manner. The vehicle passenger was arrested for possession of marihuana and failing to comply with an undertaking from a previous arrest.          


Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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