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Safety on the Sidewalks


Officers are often asked if bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades etc, are allowed to be operated on sidewalks.  The simple answer is No.  No self propelled device or motor/power device is allowed on any public sidewalk.  Personal Mobility Devices however are exempt from the law.

When on the roadway with your bicycle you must operate in singe file and ride as near on the right edge of the roadway as is practicable and possible. You must obey all the same rules as cars.  You must stop at stop signs, red lights, yield to other vehicles and pedestrians, stop for school buses, turn safely, stop and identify yourself to police etc.

These laws are in place for the safety of all the public.  Please keep the streets and sidewalks in Saugeen Shores safe.  Follow the rules of the road and walk with your bike, skateboard etc while on the sidewalks.

Constable Matt Mulholland #28


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