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Press Release 09 September 2011

29 Aug 11, at  7:37 pm police arrested a 43 year old Stoney creek male for public intoxication at Goderich and Catherine St Port Elgin.

30 Aug 11, at 10:04 pm police responded to an address on Elgin St Port Elgin where it was reported that two males were beating up on another male. After investigation and the execution of a warrant police arrested and charged a 21 year old Port Elgin male with Unlawfully in a dwelling House, Fail to comply with and Undertaking and Causing a Disturbance. He was held for a bail hearing.

30 Aug 11, at 4:12 pm a 17 year old male attended to the station to report being assaulted the evening before at 3:00am. The male was riding on his bicycle near Bruce and Green St in Port Elgin when three males approached and one pushed him off his bike and punched him three times. The only description of one of the males is 6’ muscular, dark hair. Anyone with any information on this matter is asked to call police or crime stoppers.

01 Sep 11, at 4:09 pm the owner of Aqua Marine in Port Elgin reported the theft of two marine gas cans from the business. The theft occurred over the past week. No suspects. The gas cans were red, one was metal and one was plastic.

01 Sep 11, at 2:18 am police arrested a 39 year old Saugeen First Nation man with Impaired Driving, Care and Control at Goderich and Gustavus St in Port Elgin.

01 Sep 11, police investigated a mischief complaint from overnight. Sometime overnight a light and a patio stone was broken at a Bricker St residence in Port Elgin.

03 Sep 11, at 2:54 am police observed a male running down the middle of Green St Port Elgin with something in his hand. The male that the officer observed was then seen once again on Green St pulling a sign out of the ground and then ran towards two other males waving the sign. The male stopped upon seeing the cruiser and stated he was just putting it back. The 26 year old Stoney Creek male was arrested and charged with two counts of theft.

3 Sep 11, at 3:42 am  a 24 year old Port Elgin female was arrested for public intoxication. She was intoxicated walking in the middle of the road by Wellington and Century Drive in Port Elgin.

03 Sep 11, at 5:49 am police responded to a threatening call in Port Elgin. A male threatened another male. One of the males has a cat and the other male threatened to kill the cat and beat up the other male. A 43 year old Port Elgin man faces threatening charges.

3 Sep 11, at 6:27 pm a bear was sighted near Mackenzie Rd and Concession #10, just north of Port Elgin. A while later it was reported to be in the Woodland trail area. MNR bear hotline was notified. Later that evening a bear was sighted near the North Shore Road. Later on the 6th of Sep at 7:28 am a bear was sighted on Pegasus trails. People are reminded that bears are wild animals, put away your garbage, bird feeders and dog food and clean your barbeque if you suspect a bear is in your neighbourhood.

3 Sep 11, at 11:44 pm police charged a 26 year old port Elgin male for consuming liquor in other than a public place, downtown Port Elgin.

04 Sep 11, at 1:44 police charged a 25 year old Toronto male with having open liquor while walking on Gustavus St in Port Elgin.

04 Sep 11, at 2:09 am police observed a 36 year old Tiverton male lifting the planters by Coffee Culture. He was questioned by police and became argumentative and was arrested and charged with public intoxication and resist arrest.

04 Sep 11, at 3:26 am police observed an intoxicated male walk out in to the middle of Goderich St in Port Elgin, stop a taxi and struck both hands on the hood of the vehicle. The male was demanding a ride from the taxi. He was arrested for public intoxication.

05 Sep 11, at 10:12 am a port Elgin resident reported that sometime overnight someone broke the windshield of a Honda CRV while parked on the street overnight. No suspects.

05 Sep 11, at 1:38 pm a Saugeen Twp man reports the theft of his ATV a 2007 Yamaha, 700 cc Blue licence 56PHO from the residence on Saugeen Twp. The keys were in the vehicle. Anyone with information on this theft is asked to call police or crime stoppers.

School is back please be careful driving around crosswalks and school areas.         


Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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