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Press Release 29 Aug 2011

22 Aug 11, a complainant from Southampton reported the theft of his laptop from his home. Police are following up on suspects.

24 Aug 11, police responded to a report of a robbery at Taste of Europe in Port Elgin. This incident was quickly identified as an attempted theft where 2 - 17 year-old male youth and 2 - 18 year-old females tried stealing beer from the bar. The responsible people were located. One was charged with having open liquor, one was charged with being under 19 year-old and consuming alcohol, one was charged with breaching a non alcohol condition while on probation and also issued a ticket for being under 19 years-old consuming liquor.

25 Aug 11, police responded to a Southampton residence to a report of damage to the door knob on a door to the residence. No entry was gained into the house.

25 Aug 11, police responded to a mischief complaint at the Pierson St washrooms at the soccer field. Black magic marker was used to write profanity inside the washroom. No suspects.

25 Aug 11, police responded to the corn field in the area of the Family Y in Port Elgin to a report of damage done to the corn. Considerable damage was done to the corn stalks, no suspects.

26 Aug 11, at 11:09 pm police responded to a report of an intoxicated female trying to steal cigarettes from the Esso Gas Bar in Port Elgin. An 18 year-old Saugeen reserve female was arrested for public intoxication and lodged until sober.

27 Aug 11, at 12:40 am police responded to a report of an intoxicated male sleeping in the lobby of the hospital. A 56 year-old Saugeen Reserve man was arrested and held until sober.

27 Aug 11, at 1:06 am a citizen reported to police that a group of 5 youths were walking across a Goderich St a 4 lane road carrying a case of beer and drinking. The youth were located. One 18 year old Saugeen Reserve female was arrested charged and released on breaching a non-alcohol probation condition.

27 Aug 11, at 7:56 am someone reported the stop sign missing from Louis and Bricker St in Port Elgin. As commented upon in previous press releases, what a dangerous stunt to pull, if caught the responsible person would face Mischief charges. If an accident were to occur at that location due to the missing sign you would be held civilly responsible and how bad would you feel over a meaningless stunt. Please think twice.

27 Aug 11, sometime overnight behind a Goderich St address both side windows were broken on a parked 2006 Pontiac Van. At this time it is unknown what may have caused the damage.

27 Aug 11, at 4:42 pm police responded to a report of a group of youth drinking at the dunes along Harmer St and coming back to the cottage area and urinating. One of the parties exposed himself to the complainant and made some vulgar comments. The responsible person out of a group of 25 to 30 people was not identified. The group was sent on their way.

28 Aug 11, at 1:10 am police observed a 17 year-old Port Elgin youth walking with an open can of beer. The youth was found to be intoxicated and spent time in the cell.

28 Aug 11, at 2:21 am police responded to a report of an assault that had taken place at the Queens in Port Elgin. One 23 year old Port Elgin female reportedly attacked another 42 year old female inside the bar. The 23 year old faces assault charges.

28 Aug 11, at 5:16 am police responded to an address where an intoxicated male was trying to gain entry. A 20 year old Port Elgin male was located, intoxicated and spent the night in the cell.

28 Aug 11, at approximately 5:00 am three males about 17 years old entered the Macs store in Southampton to buy cigarettes. The youth were turned away and the last youth to leave the store took out a spray paint can and sprayed the front windows of the store. Police were not called at the time. Other business and vehicles were spray painted as well. In all, 8 businesses and 3 vehicles were painted with graffiti. Police are investigating several suspects that were identified with store video.

28 Aug 11, at 1:39 pm police were called to investigate a threatening complaint. No charges will result from the complaint but one of the people involved was wanted on a warrant from South Bruce OPP and was arrested.

28 Aug 11, police responded to a complaint of a smashed rear window in a vehicle parked on Piccadilly St in Port Elgin. No suspects.

29 Aug 11, at 12:21 am police arrested a 45 year old Port Elgin male on a warrant from the Toronto Police Service for Criminal Harassment.

School will be starting back soon and all drivers need to be extra cautious when driving. The kids will be excited and may run out on the street or cross the street at crosswalks. Please take extra time to prevent a potentially terrible circumstance. Be careful!        


Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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