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Kids swimming off the Port Elgin break-wall in the path of boat traffic. What a dangerous thing to allow your children to do. Police receive regular complaints of kids jumping off the break-wall in the path of boats and want charges laid under the bylaw.

Kids under 12 cannot be charged, kids 12 to 16 need to be summonsed to court, and the Youth Criminal Justice Act requires police to warn several times prior to charging a youth in the first place. Some say that we can send a message to others if we charged some of these kids. I would suggest as a summer tourist town we have a new crop of people each week that would not know what happened last week. Police will keep doing their part and deal with these kids but we ask parents to do their part and explain that boats can injure or kill them and boats donít have brakes. Be smart and have fun, swim at the beach.

Parking at the beaches in Southampton and Port Elgin. Over the past few weeks police have issued numerous parking tickets in the beach areas of both Southampton and Port Elgin. No parking zones are created for safety reasons. Those reasons are mostly due to emergency response, police, fire and ambulance access to emergencies. Sometimes they are created for traffic flow patterns. My daughter Allison says if you donít want a parking tag donít park in a no-parking zone, if you donít want a speeding ticket donít speed.

23 July 11, at 7:12 pm police arrested a 60 year old Southampton male for Impaired Driving, he blew 226 mgms and 231 mgms almost 3 times the legal limit.

23 Jul 11, at 10:43 pm police charged a 19 year old Southampton male with open liquor at Goderich and Green St.

26 Jul 11, police responded to Barnes Ave where a side window had been broken on one of the buses parked there. No suspects.

24 Jul 11, at 6:17 am police attended to a fight between two males near Eugenie and Waterloo St. in Port Elgin. One of the males a 26 year old Oshawa male was arrested for public intoxication and held until sober.

27 Jul 11, at 11:37 pm police executed a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act warrant in an apartment at 603 Goderich St. Police seized a small quantity of marihuana and a potted marihuana plant. A 33 year old Port Elgin male faces charges.     

31 Jul 11, at 11:41 am police arrested an intoxicated 51 year old male of no fixed address who spent some time in jail sobering up.

31 Jul 11, police responded to a theft of liquor from a tent in the rear yard of a home in Port Elgin. Approximately 3:00 am a male was confronted walking away with several bottles of alcohol who stated ďI need some booze for the partyĒ. Through information gathered a neighbour was found to be responsible. Restitution was agreed upon.

01 Aug 11, at 12:25 am volunteers with Community Watch notified police of a male walking with open liquor near Emma St in Port Elgin. The male was located passed out on the front lawn. He was arrested for his own safety and held until sober.

01 Aug 11, at 3:02 am police charged an 18 year old Southampton male with consuming alcohol on Albert St, Southampton

01 Aug 11, at 2:48 pm police spent several hours trying to locate a missing 15 year old Stoney Creek girl. The girl had left the home she was staying at in Port Elgin approximately 3:30 am to meet someone she had met at a bonfire earlier in the day. After several hours of investigation by all officers she was located walking with a 21 year old Port Elgin male in the Canadian Tire parking lot.

03 Aug 11, at 2:16 am police responded to a Port Elgin home to a report of a mirror being broken off a vehicle and the person ran away. Police have no suspects.

03 Aug 11, at 3:53 am police seized a small quantity of marihuana and alcohol from 3 Orangeville area men aged 18, 20 and 21. Warned.

3 Aug 11, Saugeen Shores Police responded to two separate vehicle verses bicycle accidents in Southampton within a few hours. Our streets are very busy this time of year. Please if you are riding a bike or driving a vehicle obey all traffic controls and please be aware of your surroundings. Regardless of who is at fault a vehicle verses bicycle accident always translates into injuries. 



Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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