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13 July 2011, 3:02 pm police observed two Port Elgin youth 23 and 20 riding bicycles on Elgin St Port Elgin. Upon seeing the police the two ditched the bicycles and ran. Investigation revealed the bicycles were not theirs and both were in possession of marihuana. Both charged accordingly.

14 July 2011, 3:51 pm a 49 year old Port Elgin man left the beer store reportedly “smashed” driving. Police stopped the vehicle and the driver was arrested for impaired driving. After providing one test the male refused to provide a second breath sample in to the breathalyzer. The charge for refusing to provide suitable breath samples carries the same penalty as blowing over the legal limit.

14 July 2011, at 12:08 pm police attended to the Wismer House to a report of a theft of 15 empty beer kegs overnight. Beer stores in the area were checked and the Sauble Beach Beer Store called in to report someone cashing in 10 beer kegs. An attempt had been made to return the kegs to the Port Elgin Store as well. Investigation and video led police to arrest 23 year old Josh Reidpath of Port Elgin and a 20 year old male accomplice from Port Elgin and charge them with possession of stolen property. The kegs are worth approximately $50 each.

15 July 2011, Saugeen Shores Police conducted RIDE programs at McNabb and Railway St in Southampton. Police stopped 100 vehicles with 1 roadside screening done. No offences.

16 July 2011, overnight numerous vehicles were entered in Southampton. Some vehicles were ransacked and some thefts occurred in others and in one vehicle damage was done. Two males 17 and 18 years from Hamilton were apprehended and admitted to the thefts. They agreed to make restitution to all.  

16 July 2011, Saugeen Shores Police, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, (AGCO) and Tobacco Enforcement Officers and Public Health attended the various liquor establishments in Saugeen Shores. Police made 3 arrests, laid 4 liquor Act charges and dealt with numerous offences by way of caution. Police issued 5 cautions in regards to security guard enforcement (bouncers) at bars. The AGCO issued 7 cautions to local bars for failing to comply with various Liquor Licence Act offences.  The Tobacco Enforcement officers laid 1 charge and issued 10 cautions under the Smoke free Ontario Act.      

21 July 2011, at 9:04 am a vehicle was located at the Port Elgin Harbour stuck in the sand on the dog beach area. Police investigation revealed this vehicle had been stolen from Market St in Port Elgin sometime overnight. The vehicle was left unlocked and the keys were left inside. No suspects. Police remind people when it comes to their vehicles, bicycles and homes please “Lock it or Lose it”

21 July 2011, at 10:08 am police were pulling up to the Port Elgin Tim Horton’s in a marked cruiser and observed a 25 year old Barrie man spark up a marihuana cigarette in front of them. He was arrested and charged with possession of marihuana.

23 July 2011, at 7:12 pm police arrested a 60 year old Southampton man for impaired driving on highway #21. The male blew 226 and 231 mgms respectively. He was further charged with driving without a drivers licence.

Police remind people to “Lock it or Lose it”. Please lock your vehicle and bicycles and homes. Multiple occurrences in this press release relate to people not locking up their property and it resulted in a crime being committed.


Dan Rivett

Chief of Police




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