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Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

March 17, 2011. 

Police received a report of a credit card fraud.  The victim was contacted by his bank advising him that $1200 was charged to his credit card.  The transactions occurred in the Montreal and Laval, Quebec areas.  The victim notified his bank that he had not been in that area and had not used the credit card.  A week later the victim received another report from his credit card company that $1900 had been charged to a different credit card. These transactions occurred in stores in the Thornhill area.  The frauds are under investigation.

March 18, 2011.

At approximately 2:00am, an intoxicated male ran out in front of a vehicle in the area of James and Goderich Streets in Port Elgin.  The male then started punching the vehicle.  These actions resulted in damage to the vehicle. The incident was reported to police who located and apprehended the person.  As police approached the male, he raised his fists and took a threatening stance.  He was taken into custody. He was charged with Mischief under the Criminal Code and with Being Intoxicated in a Public Place under the Liquor Licence Act.

At 11:15am, police received a report of damage to a vehicle.  The damage occurred while the vehicle was parked on Wales Drive in Port Elgin.  The owner of the vehicle had been attending a party in the area during the night.  The vehicle had been left on the street overnight.  The damage consisted of a smashed windshield and dents and scratches.  Property had also been stolen from inside the vehicle.

Between 1:00pm and 4:30pm on March 18th, cash was stolen from a vehicle.  The vehicle had been parked in a parking lot of an apartment building on Arlington Street in Port Elgin.  The window in the vehicle had been left open allowing access to the wallet.

March 19, 2011

At 3:00am, police received a request to assist with an unwanted person at a business on Goderich Street in Port Elgin.  An intoxicated male was refusing to leave the business.  Police attended and checked the male.  It was found that he was on Probation with a condition to abstain from consuming alcohol.  The male was arrested.  Later at the police station he violently resisted police and spit in the face of one of the police officers. He was charged with Breach of Probation and Assault Police.

If you have any information on the above incidents that might assist police, please contact Saugeen Shores Police or Crime Stoppers.

Ken McCulloch


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