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Saugeen Shores Police Service

Press Release

14 February 2011

8 Feb 11, Saugeen Shores Police will be doing extra enforcement of speeding of vehicles and snowmobiles along concession #10 west of Hwy #21. This is a 50 km/h zone for vehicles and snowmobiles would have a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

8 Feb 11, 9:49 am a purse was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in Port Elgin. It is unsure if the vehicle was in a private drive when it happened or downtown Port Elgin.

8 Feb 11, 4:58 pm a 52 year old male driver was charged with driving while operating a hand held communication device. The fine for this infraction is $125.00.

10 Feb 11, a 32 year old female driver was charged with driving on a closed road on Hwy #21 south. The highway is closed because it is too dangerous to operate a vehicle on. Your insurance company will not insure you and ambulance, fire and police will have to travel that unsafe road to assist you if you get into an accident.

10 Feb 11, 12:17 am a 40 year old Port Elgin male was arrested on Stickle St and charged with Impaired Driving and Drive Over 80 mgms.

10 Feb 11, at 11:17 pm a 29 year old Port Elgin male was arrested on Hwy #21 and charged with Impaired Driving by being impaired by drug.

11 Feb 11, at 8:52 am a 13 year old student was struck by a vehicle at Emma and Goderich St in Port Elgin. The boy received minor injuries to his leg and was assessed and released at the hospital. The driver of the vehicle was charged with “Turn not in Safety”.

12 Feb 11, at 11:11 am police responded to the downtown core of Southampton to a report of possible gunshots. Numerous witnesses were questioned who heard the sounds. Some felt it may have been the loading of a truck, some gunshots and some a backfiring vehicle. No shells or suspicious people were located. Anyone with information is asked to call police.

13 Feb 11, 5:06 pm police responded to a Break and Enter report into an office at the Queens Bar and Grill. As yet an undetermined quantity of cash was stolen. This matter in under investigation.   


Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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