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7 January 2011

19 Dec 10, 2:25 am police observed a female walking with an open beer on Market St. While the female was identifying herself the officer noted that the drivers licence she was in possession of was not her own. The 18 year old London female was issued a ticket for having liquor and the fake ID was shredded.

19 Dec 10, 11:09 pm police were dispatched to Port Elgin Tim Horton’s to a report of two heavily intoxicated males. Two 16 year old Port Elgin males were located outside and arrested for public intoxication. They had been consuming alcohol and marihuana. Both youth had marihuana in their possession. Both were taken home to their parents and face charges.  

21 Dec 10, 12:10 am police conducted RIDE at Mary and Goderich St in Port Elgin. A total of 47 vehicles were checked with no infractions found.

22 Dec 10, 10:24 pm police checked three youth walking along Catherine St in Port Elgin. The under aged youth all had beer in their possession that was seized.

23 Dec 10, 12:15 am police conducted RIDE on Goderich St, 60 vehicles were stopped. One driver tried to avoid the RIDE lanes and was stopped and caught with 10.9 grams of marihuana and subsequently the 18 year old Port Elgin male was charged with possession of marihuana.

23 Dec 10, 9:05 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision in Port Elgin where a vehicle slid into the side of  Chris’ Critters on Goderich St. Minor damage but some items were knocked off the shelf in the store. No charges.  

24 Dec 10, 12:01 am police conducted RIDE at County 13 and Hwy 21, 160 vehicles were checked, 8 Highway Traffic Act warnings were given and one Roadside Breath Test was administered, no charges.

24 Dec 10, 4:19 pm police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Waterloo and Eugenie St in Port Elgin. A 1999 GMC pick up truck and a 2004 Ford pick up truck collided. The at fault driver was charged with failing to yield and the other driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

25 Dec 10, 1:49 pm police responded to the High and Grosvenor St area in Southampton to a report of graffiti tagging in many locations, on traffic signs, a trailer, hydro panel, door, hydro pole. The graffiti is “BOYZ” and was done in marker, white and black ink. Anyone with any information is asked to call police or Crimestoppers.

25 Dec 10, 10:01 pm police responded to a Waterloo St apartment to a report of an intoxicated unwanted male. A 47 year old Port Elgin male was arrested for intoxication and spent the night in the cell at the police office.

29 Dec 10, 9:56 am police responded to a reported motor vehicle accident at Turner and County #13 in Southampton. An 81 year old driver was in need of medical attention and as a result drove into the ditch. He was taken to hospital by ambulance.        

30 Dec 10, at 1:19 am police responded to 4 youths causing a disturbance around Bricker and Louis St in Port Elgin. The youth had an odour of marihuana and alcohol about them and when asked admitted to smoking marihuana and drinking. The four youth were warned.

30 Dec 10, 9:56 am, police responded to a vehicle damaged on Market St in Port Elgin. The windshield wipers were broken off of a 2005 Hyundai. No suspects.

30 Dec 10, 12:23 pm police responded to a further complaint in the Market St area where wipers were broken off a 2008 Impala. 

31 Dec 10, 7:31 am police responded to a complaint of both wiper arms being broken off of a vehicle parked on Market St., no suspects.

31 Dec 10, 6:49 pm police conducted RIDE in Saugeen Shores. Approx. 200 vehicles were checked, 2 Highway traffic warnings were issued.

31 Dec 10, 9:04 pm a 17 year old Bruce Township male was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and also charged with having alcohol in other than a licenced premise.

31 Dec 10, 10:50 pm police observed a man walking on Hwy 21 heading north to Southampton. The 17 year old Saugeen Reserve male had been drinking but was not intoxicated. He was given a ride home and 14 beers and 1 cooler was seized from his possession. 


01 Jan 11, 12:25 police observed a disturbance near the Petro Can in Port Elgin. Two of the males were restraining a male who wanted to go back to the Queens to finish a fight he had been in earlier. The friends agreed to take him home.

01 Jan 11, 1:15 am police observed a female face down on the front lawn of a house on Wales Drive in Port Elgin, she was not wearing outside clothing. Friends attended and they were all taken to the friend’s residence and turned over to parents.

01 Jan 11, 1:56 am the male who was dealt with at 12:25 am was located causing a problem outside the Queens. The 19 year old Kincardine male was arrested for public intoxication and spent the night in the cells.

01 Jan 11, 3:32 am police responded to a report of a disturbance near Tim Horton’s in Port Elgin. The two combatants left the scene with 6 of their friends.

01 Jan 11, 9:23 am police responded to a mischief report at Harbour St in Port Elgin where unknown culprit(s) damaged a lattice fence.

01 Jan 11, 9:27 am police responded to a home on Mill St in Port Elgin where several lawn Christmas ornaments were stolen. One of the items was recovered in the area but a 4 foot wooden painted Santa Claus is still missing.       

2 Jan 11, 11:22 am police responded to a complaint of a theft of a bench from a backyard in Southampton. Police followed footprints in the snow to the bench in a wooded area and returned the bench to the owner. No suspects.

5 Jan 11, 1:33 pm police stopped a vehicle in Port Elgin and charged the 47 year old Port Elgin male with driving under suspension. The vehicle was borrowed from a friend but was impounded for the mandatory 7 days. Lesson learned when lending out a vehicle to a friend make sure they are properly licenced.

05 Jan 11, 2:12 pm police stopped a vehicle in Port Elgin that had an expired validation tag. The 33 year old Tiverton male did not have a drivers licence, he was prohibited due to Impaired Driving. A passenger a 46 year old Tiverton male identified himself as the owner of the vehicle, but could only produce part of the ownership. The validation tag attached to the plate was not issued to that plate and was stolen and the plates were registered to someone else and did not belong on that vehicle. The passenger was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property X 2. The driver was arrested and charged with Drive Disqualified and possession of stolen property X 2.

Police want to remind everyone that there are many scams out there designed to take your hard earned money. Save your money, “don’t be a victim”. It does not cost any money to win a prize a lottery or to get money left to you.

A recurring scam has many versions but the theme is the same. A person is contacted by mail or email about a person in a different country who has died and there is millions in their account and they are looking for someone to share this money. Any surviving relatives usually die in the same tragic accident. They pose as lawyers, and accountants who want to share this money with you but need thousands of dollars or your banking information. Do what the ING guy says and “save your money”.  

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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