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19 August 2010

Your Saugeen Shores Police Service and Services Board are conducting a community survey to help analyze crime problems in our community, ascertain how well the service is performing and identify policing priorities and objectives for the future. With other sources of information this survey will enable us to plan and implement programs to ensure we meet public safety needs in our 2011-2013 Business Plan.

Please complete and return this survey by 10 September 2010 to; Saugeen Shores Police Service, 620 Tomlinson Drive, Port Elgin, Ontario N0H2C0

To strategically plan for our future we must ask ourselves a few basic questions;

What are the policing priorities and objectives of the Saugeen Shores community?

How are we going to serve and protect the community and ensure citizens feel secure?

How are we going to provide a safe environment for citizens to work, live and raise their families?

How and when are we going to address those priorities and meet objectives?

How are we going to provide an efficient and cost effective service?

With the assistance of civic-minded groups and individuals we hope that the Business Plan will fulfill our mission “To Serve and Protect in Partnership with our Community“. The Saugeen Shores Police Service provides the six legislated core functions necessary to ensure the delivery of adequate and effective police services either directly or by contract as provided for in the Adequacy Standards Regulation RSO 03/99. Crime Prevention, Law Enforcement, Victims Assistance, Public Order Maintenance, Emergency Response and Administration & Infrastructure.

This survey will be available starting on the 26th of August. The survey can be printed off of the Saugeen Shores Police website and will be available at the Southampton and Port Elgin Post offices, the Saugeen Shores Municipal office, and Saugeen Shores Police office. Please take the time to fill it out and return it, it helps us help you.  

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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