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May 2010 Bylaw calls for service

Police and bylaw officer Powell responded to 25 calls for service in May 2010.

Calls ranged from incidents such as burning, noise, fireworks sales, sign attached to stop sign, dog off leash, parking, found dog, dog running at large, dogs on beach, abandoned vehicle.

Bylaw officer Powell also responded to infractions under the building department such as property standards.

June 2010, Bylaw calls for service,

Police and Bylaw officer Powell responded to 20 calls for service in June 2010.

Calls ranged from incidents such as parking, trailers parked at the harbour, obstructing the sidewalk, fire, dog on beach, garbage dumped, 4 wheeling on the rail trail, noise complaint, vehicle blocking fire hydrant.

Bylaw officer Powell responded to infractions under all bylaws as listed in her following report.

The number of occurrences Bylaw had to deal with in the month of June are as follows:

Animal Control: 6 occurrences (4 cautions and 2 charges)

Business Licensing: 1 occurrence (1 caution)

Noise Control: 4 occurrences (3 cautions and 1 open)

Parking: 8 occurrences (3 cautions and 3 violation tickets)

Property Standards: 30 occurrences (ongoing)

Regulate Burning: 2 occurrences (1 caution and I inquiry)

Signs: 1 occurrence

Traffic: 1 occurrence

Zoning: 3 occurrences

Total of 56 occurrences.


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