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31 May 2010

25 May 2010, at 8:34 am police responded to a complaint of a coyote attack on a trail off of concession #10 between Carter Drive and Pegasus Drive. A dog believed to be a coyote jumped on a dog being walked on the trail. The coyote was scared off into the woods. The Ministry of Natural Resources brought in a K9 unit but was unable to get a track. MNR will be placing educational material at the entrances to the trails. People are reminded these are wild animals, the same as bears, donít carry food or offer any food.

26 May 2010, at 10:30 am police responded to the Tyendinaga Drive area in Southampton to a report of a bear running around. Police responded and observed the bear on County Rd #13 near Ottawa St. The cruiser sounded its siren and scared the bear into the woods. The bear was at a bird feeder in the back yard of a house on Tyendinaga Dr. People are also reminded that bears will stop coming to an area if it has to seek out food elsewhere. Keep your BBQ clean, keep dog food inside and donít place out bird feed if you know there may be a bear problem in your area. It is believed the same bear made an appearance at a house on Blanchfield Rd.

26 May 2010, police remind people especially seniors of a recurring scam. A victim receives a quick phone call from someone claiming to be a grandson and he is in trouble with the law. The phone goes dead and an official sounding male calls within minutes claiming to be a lawyer for the grandson. These people are talented and can usually get a name of a grandchild from the unsuspecting victim. The conversation leads to a request for thousands of dollars to be couriered via Western Union to a place somewhere in Montreal. This scam remains active because people are sending money. Unsuspecting seniors are only trying to help their family and this is what criminals prey on. Protect yourself donít fall for these scams, save your hard earned money.

26 May 2010, at 9:59 Macdonalds was serving a very impatient male who tried to throw a drink at one of the servers of the restaurant. The male lost his balance and threw the drink at the wall, upon leaving he struck and broke a glass door. The male is described as 19- 23 years, 5í 8Ē thin with curly blond hair, he left with a female in a red Mustang. Anyone who observed this incident or can assist police is asked to call 519-832-9200.

28 May 2010, a 33 year old Wiarton male was charged with impaired driving for operating a vehicle downtown Port Elgin.

29 May 2010, at approximately 1:00 am a group of males was walking along Shipley Ave in Gobles Grove. One of the youth entered the unlocked vehicle and located a spare set of keys. The male started the vehicle and backed up at a high rate of speed crossed Shipley striking another parked vehicle, the struck vehicle was pushed into a third vehicle. A pedestrian walking along Shipley was pulled out of the way of this reversing vehicle by a friend.

The driver fled the scene as did the other youth with him. After a K-9 track the accused party was located and arrested. A 13 year old Saugeen Reserve youth is facing charges of Theft over $5000, and dangerous driving.

29 May 2010, at 2:16 police responded to a disturbance and fight of 5 to 10 people in front of the Queens. No charges were laid as a result of this matter.

29 May 2010, at 2:46 am a vehicle was stolen from and Eastwood Drive address in Port Elgin. The vehicle was not locked and keys were in the vehicle. The vehicle was located in a bush near mason and Christine Streets on Saugeen Reserve.

29 May 2010, at 7:01 pm police responded to a report of an unlocked vehicle on Arlington St was rummaged through the previous night. A small amount of change was missing.

30 May 2010, at 9:26 am police responded to a report of an unlocked vehicle being rummaged through on Wellington St, a $50. gift certificate for the Wismer House was stolen.

30 May 2010, at 4:19 pm police responded to a criminal harassment occurrence in the Gobles Grove area. Police have been investigating an incident of over the past several weeks where a male from Germany has been harassing a woman from Port Elgin. A warrant existed for this male from a previous charge. The male appeared at the beach in Gobles Grove and approached the victim and was arrested on a further charge of harassment and the original warrant and held for a bail hearing in Walkerton. 

30 May 2010, 7:20 pm, police responded to a dine and dash at the Lido Restaurant in downtown Port Elgin. Two males left without paying for $26.79 in food. One is described as male, tall thin, 6 foot, striped shirt, some orange colour in the shirt, his hair was shaved in strips. The second male was white 5í2Ē black hair, wearing a cap with curls of hair coming out of the hat, possibly a blue shirt. If anyone has any information regarding this incident they are asked to call police.        

31 May 2010, at 6:30 am police received a complaint of an unlocked vehicle being entered on Bricker St in Port Elgin. Approx $100. in cash was stolen.

31 May 2010, at 8:11 am police responded to a report of 4 vehicles in the Bricker St area being entered sometime overnight. Change was taken from the unlocked vehicles.

Police remind people of the Lock it or Lose it campaign. Quite simply please lock your vehicles, bicycles and houses. If yours is locked someone who is running through the neighbourhood looking for loose change will move to your neighbours vehicle. Anymore we all have $2, $4. $6. in change in our vehicles and it is an easy target.

Saugeen Shores Community Watch is starting up again for the summer. If you are interested in giving back to your community and reporting suspicious activity to police please call the police office at 519-832-9200 to get some information.    

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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