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Spring Seatbelt Campaign in Saugeen Shores

The Saugeen Shores Police Service drove the message home to motorists that if you don’t “Buckle Up” it’s going to cost you.

Police conducted nine stationary seat belt checks at intersections throughout Saugeen Shores during the 10 day Spring Seat Belt Campaign from April 14-24th, 2010, and issued 19 charges to vehicle drivers and passengers.  The message was delivered with a $240 fine.  Another 21 drivers were given verbal warnings.

Many motorists argue that seat belt use only affects the unbuckled person and that they should have the right to choose whether to wear it.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  An unbuckled motorist that is involved in a collision becomes a projectile that bounces around causing serious injury to other persons in the vehicle.  Serious injuries that result from failing to wear a seat belt place a burden on the publicly funded health care system and cause increases in insurance rates for all drivers.

Although the campaign is over the Saugeen Shores Police Service is committed to ensuring the safety of our roads and will continue to check that motorists are buckled.  All vehicle occupants 16 years of age or older are responsible to properly wear their seat belt or they may be charged by police.  The vehicle driver is responsible for anyone under 16 years old and may be charged for each passenger that is not properly buckled or restrained in a car seat for toddlers under 22kg or a booster seat for children under 8 years old weighing less than 36kg.


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