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Media Release   11 February 2010

Concerns of parents, educators, and police have always been paramount when it comes to drugs and the youth in our community.

At a recent information session at Saugeen District Secondary School with police and teachers an interesting and great question arose, “what are parents to do with the prescriptions that are filled and not used in their households?”

Police put to teachers that a popular drug on the rise in usage and abuse with youth is Oxycontin or Oxycodone.  Along with those the common cough syrup or codeine is also on the rise.

These drugs are a part of the Opiate family of drugs and are very addictive, this includes heroin.

Saugeen Shores officers advised that in larger centers police and pharmacies have partnered to do collection days to collect and dispose of unused pharmaceuticals.

The concern is that youth can use, abuse and sell these drugs with easy access thereby possibly becoming involved with police.

By getting rid of unused pills or prescriptions it limits the access and headaches for the community, frees up valuable police resources and protects the environment.

Scientists and environmentalists have been aware of pharmaceutical traces in the environment.  This is caused by improper disposal of medications into the water system by flushing.

Heath Canada has a site designated for this and can be accessed at . Pharmacies in Saugeen Shores participate in this program and you can bring your unused drugs to them for proper disposal. 

A link to this site will soon appear on the Saugeen Shores Police website,

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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