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4 January 2010

30 Dec 09 at 11:00 pm police received information of a possible impaired driver. An officer on foot tried to stop the vehicle and the driver took off. A cruiser tried to stop the vehicle with roof lights activated and the vehicle tried to evade police from Green and Goderich St down an alley on Goderich St. A 49 year old Saugeen Shores male was charged with Impaired driving, resist arrest, refuse to provide breath sample, fail to stop when directed by police, red light fail to stop, drive motor vehicle no currently validated permit, and drive without insurance.

30 Dec 09, Saugeen Shores Police conducted RIDE throughout various locations in Saugeen Shores, no infractions.

30 Dec 09, police received a complaint of a tele-scam where the person is pretending to be from Revenue Canada and got personal information from them.

Saugeen Shores Police remind everyone not to give out personal information over the telephone especially to someone who calls you.

Recently a couple received a call from a male who said he was from Revenue Canada and, in answer to his questions they provided personal details including their dates of birth and Social Insurance Numbers.  The caller then 'checked' and said that they did not owe any back taxes.  This is information that should remain confidential.

Please be very cautious with giving out information as legitimate organizations should not require you to provide them over the phone.

31 Dec 09, at 10:35 pm police on routine patrol stopped a vehicle in Port Elgin and the driver failed a roadside breath test. At the police station the 19 year old Port Elgin male failed the breathalyzer and was charged with Drive over 80.

01 Jan 10, Saugeen Shores Police conducted RIDE in various locations throughout Saugeen Shores, approximately 192 vehicles were stopped and 3 Highway traffic warnings issued.  

01 Jan 10, at 12:41 am police responded to a broken window occurrence in Port Elgin. The responsible youth was identified and the damage was caused by a snowball. The youth will be paying for replacement of the window.

01 Jan 10, at 1:47 am police located what appeared to be a domestic situation beside the Port Elgin Cinema. A 19 year old Port Elgin male was observed climbing the ladder to the roof of the cinema. The male came down and was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place.

01 Jan 10, at 2:20 am police observed a 16 year old Southampton male walking around Port Elgin with an open bottle of beer. He was warned and had to pour his beer out.

01 Jan 10, at 3:25 am police observed a 17 year old Port Elgin male walking on Bruce St with an open bottle of beer. The youth was warned.

01 Jan 10, at 3:44 am a 17 year old Port Elgin male was observed walking along Carlisle St in an intoxicated condition wearing only a “t” shirt and jeans. He was arrested for public intoxication and brought to the station and picked up by his mother.

02 Jan 10, at 5:22 am police and fire attended to a residence on Eckford St to a possible fire. Investigation revealed a pillow was leaning up against a propane fireplace and started to smolder. No damage was reported to the home.

03 Jan 10, at 1:13 am police observed a 41 year old Kincardine male walking along Goderich St with an open bottle of beer. The male was cautioned and had to pour his beer out.

Police remind people it is an offence to deposit snow on the highway. In other words when you are shoveling out your drive you cannot throw the snow onto the street. This act causes a very dangerous situation for drivers and is against the law. There is a big difference between someone cleaning their drive out and some snow inadvertently getting onto the street and the act of throwing the snow on the street. The fine is $110.     

Dan Rivett

Chief of Police


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